Gerhard Falb, born in Linz, Austria lives between London and Vienna. After working as a marketing executive in the corporate world, he transitioned into full-time professional photography during the pandemic. Constantly in discovery mode and searching for the new, he is always on the go, either travelling or just exploring where he currently finds himself. This is how most of his projects are born and motifs are found.

Falb’s work predominantly features urban scenery, but he also captures minimalistic natural landscapes: large format pictures, designed to be displayed in people’s homes and daily spaces. Falb strives to preserve the authenticity of his images by keeping editing and post-production to a minimum.

His early work has been featured in exhibitions in Austria and Latvia, where he travelled on assignment as part of his Photography Diploma at fotoK, an artistic photography school based in Vienna.

In recent years, Falb has undertaken several projects that highlight often-neglected features of our daily lives. One of the most prolific series, for instance, features photographs depicting bus stations in their different designs from around the world.  Another project currently in development saw Falb capturing different corners from his neighbourhood in East London in an effort to document local places that sooner or later might lose their character due to gentrification and modernisation of this rather central London area.

Through his lens, Falb maintains a keen eye for the bizarre and the unexpected by revealing the beauty and static complexity that pervades most ordinary aspects of daily life.

Photo: Emily Krouse