Mainly at heavily frequented places in Vienna, often a Würstlstand sells reasonably priced Viennese “street food”. Some of them are open all night, and one of their sausages satisfied my hunger not only once on the way home from a late night out.

Typically you get all sorts of sausages or popular meat loaf sandwiches there, some sweets and drinks. My favourite grab is the rather greasy “Käsekrainer” a grilled sausage filled with cheese running out delicately when the sausage is being cut full of anticipation. 

Nowadays often replaced by a pizza or döner kiosk, the Viennese Würstlstand can still be found quite easily.


Contribution to Viennese life and culture: 10/10 

(von 1 “no contribution” to 10 “Vienna would not be Vienna without it”)

C-Prints, framed, 18x24cm