The first time I became aware of bus stops was during a four-months stay in Riga, Latvia. It was the summer of 2004, and I was working on my final assignment at the photography school I attended (see also “PUBLIC WAITING’ in “EXHIBITIONS”).

Years later, in winter 2020/2021, the bus stops in Tenerife caught my attention and my passion to photograph them flared up again.

Since then, I continued to immortalise pictures of bus stops wherever life took me, and I remained amazed at how varied they can be. And they became a descriptor of local culture in their own right, especially where they are not replaced by modern, uniform and often less appealing designs. Still these specimen are sometimes shown in my pictures. I may have found their location interesting, got on or off a bus there or simply liked the light situation.

Bus stations seemed to acquire a more poetic, transcendental meaning to my eyes: they are the point of departure or arrival for one of the simplest and cheapest ways of travelling, a bus ride. They are magical spaces, where one can take a first first step to leave their world behind and venture into something new, irrelevant of distance, becoming at both a means of transport and experience, an opportunity to learn and enhance your views, and open your mind. I think this is urgently needed.

Since 2020, shot mainly with Fujifilm X100F